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1978 — May 11, 2015


2a4d817cf3faafb51a1b7e70f4d08ee9-page-001Welcome to the year 1978! The year which marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Arcade video games! It brought Arcade Coin-Op Machines back to the top of video gaming market. The most important release for the Arcades was of course the Space Invaders by Taito! This worldwide video game hit brought many young and older people into the video gaming world and helped the video games industry to get through the hard times after the home consoles crash of 1977!

If you want to read more about the Golden Age of Arcade video games, please press here: Golden Age of Arcade video games

Other than that, few new video game consoles were released: the release of Odyssey 2 (Philips Videopac G7000 in Europe) brought Magnavox back into the video game consoles competition. But there were also some less known consoles (what almost nobody knows) that entered the market: APF-M1000 by APF Electronics and VC 4000 by Interton (which is a part of 1292 consoles family).

In my next posts I will take closer look at the consoles and games released in 1978 and I plan to finish the year with the best games released to Apple II home computer and Arcade Coin-Op Machines!

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1280px-Magnavox-Odyssey-2-Console-SetMagnavox Odyssey 2 (known also as Philips Videopac G7000) – is a home video games console released in 1978! Not to get confused, Magnavox released the first Odyssey (which was in fact the first video games console in all time – if not to count the “brown box” prototype) in 1972 followed by series of Pong-type consoles (Odyssey series) between 1975-1977. Odyssey 2 was like a new fresh beginning, entering to the second generation!

In Europe the console was released as Philips Videopac G7000 because in 1974 Magnavox Company was acquired by Philips! Philips decided to keep the name for the United States market in the first place.

Unlike any other system at this time, Odyssey 2 included a full keyboard to be used with educational games. It also had basic joystick controllers with action button. One of the strongest sides of the console was speech synthesis unit. The weakest side of the console were its colors and graphics (but the image was sharp and clear)! Odyssey 2 lacked third-party games but sold moderately well in the United States. In Europe the system was very popular!

Total number of 11 games were released in 1978 and in my next post I will write about the best of these 11.

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s_po_games_11_box1bTo be honest, first 11 titles released in 1978 for the Odyssey 2 / Videopac G7000 sucked! The only game you should try would be Cosmic Conflict! Its kind of 2D space shooter (in first-person view), plays well and the graphics are quite okay for the time.

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APF MP1000 —

APF MP1000

apf_m1000_side_1APF MP1000 – is a home video games console released by APF Electronics in 1978! The console has a built-in game called Rocket Patrol and total of 14 cartridges. Only thing that sets this console apart from the others is that it is a part of APF Imagination Machine – hybrid computer, combination of MP1000 and M1000 consoles (conjoined into one unit). This way you could have a keyboard, Basic Programming and Cassett Recorder. Very high price and lack of original titles didn’t help this console in sales and it disappeared quite soon after the release.



After trying out these games I was positively surprised! Even though the console is relatively unknown it has quite decent titles. Maybe the console lacked original titles but at least what they had were well made. Definitely worth to try!!!

Here are few of the best cartridges on MP1000 console:


MG1010: Ufo, Sea Monsters, Break It Down, Rebuild, Shoot (with variations)
MG1010 is a shooting games collection cartridge! Has a lot of different variations, a must have for all shooting game fans! Some of the games have an original look and gameplay even for today!


MG1012: Boxing (Variations)
MG1012 is a variation of boxing games! For the first time it was possible to play a boxing video game what was truly fun! A must have game for all the MP1000 owners!!! Much better than boxing games on other consoles at this time.



Radofin_1292_bigThe 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System is a home video games console produced by Radofin in 1976 (the exact date is unavailable in the internet, but it is believed to be produced in December 1976 and then quickly licensed by many companies). In coming years we saw the release of many software-compatible consoles like: Interton VC-4000, Acetronic MPU-1000, Voltmace Database and others). There is a complete list of home consoles released in 1292 family and you can find it here: 1292 family

There is not much information about the release dates of the cartridges, but the total number of the games should be 59 (33 games released by Radofin between 1977-1978, 19 games for the Interton VC-4000 and compatibles after 1978 and 7 more games released around 1980). You can find more information here: 1292 games

In my next post I will write about games (worth to play) released for the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family around 1978 (if you know more about the exact release dates, please let me know – I couldn’t find much information).

If any of the previous information is not correct, please send me an email:

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This is the selection of best games released on the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System console compatibles around 1978. To be honest, most of the games on this console are quite bad! But here are some games you may enjoy even today!


Cartridge 22: Spider’s Web / Monster-Man (1978)

Spider’s Web is a dark but fun Pac-Man-like game, but instead of you take control of a spider in the dark maze, where you hunt or get hunted by the other monsters! It is just one of a few games I really enjoyed on the system: fast paced action with nice atmosphere! A must cartridge to own for 1292 family consoles!


Cartridge 25: Electronic Pinball (1978)

Must be honest, I am not a huge fan of pinball games, but for that time period of video games, Electronic Pinball is quite okay! It has some decent graphics for the time, has fast paced and fun gameplay. Recommended for pinball fans!


Cartridge 27: Invaders (1978)

Invaders is another version of Space Invaders, and to be honest, not bad at all! It may have less sprites on the screen than some other versions but rows of the invaders are diagonal to compensate the gameplay and it came out quite okay. For sure you should at least give this game a chance, you may end up satisfied!


Cartridge 31: Laser Attack (1978)

Laser Attack might not be the best game made, but it offers you some decent fun. In this game you take control of a group of super spaceships in the outer galaxy, flying on the hostile unnamed planet. There is a war going on and you must avoid the enemy fire and take down the laser cannons placed on the planet. Atmosphere in this game is one of the best for the whole system, gameplay is okay. Recommended for everybody!