ARCADE GAMES 1977 — May 10, 2015


1977 was not the best or most exciting year for Arcades. In fact, nothing really revolutionary was released! From those few nice titles, here is the list of best games released in 1977:

Space Wars – released by Cinematronics. An innovative (first vector graphics) multi-directional space shooter!

Super Bug (released as City Driver) – released by Atari. Super Bug is a simple black and white driving game!

Boothill (sequel to Gun Fight 1975) – released by Midway. Is a classic one-one western gun fight game!

Circus – released by Exidy. Is an advanced version of Breakout, a game influenced by Breakout!

Canyon Bomber – released by Atari. Innovative (at the time its release) “drop a bomb into the canyon” shooting game!

And that’s pretty much all worth to try and play! If you know more “really really cool” titles to play from the 1977 Arcade games, please send me an email to:

See you in the year 1978!



Apple_II_tranparent_8001977 was an important year for PC gamers! One of the first popular home computer series was released – Apple II home computer series (Apple II, Apple II Plus, Apple IIe, Apple IIc, Apple IIGS and others). Between the release of the series and the end of production (1993) around 5-6 million computers were produced and sold!

To read more detailed information about the Apple II home computer series, please press: here

Apple II series was a gaming platform for huge library of games, but before 1978 no games were released (except Adventure in 1976 for Apple I).

I will start writing about the games on Apple II series when the time is chronologically right! In my next post I will write about the best games released for Arcade Coin-Op Machine in 1977!

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GAMES: BALLY ASTROCADE (1977) — May 9, 2015


Not many games were released for Bally in 1977, but those few games were all high quality stuff! This is the selection of the very best titles released in 1977:

Gun_fight_arcade_flyerGun Fight – is a built-in port of the Arcade Coin-Op title released in 1975. Bally Astrocade’s version is one of the best looking ports, even better than the original on Arcade! You take control of a gunfighter and try to eliminate your opponent! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a single player mode, but it is a great fun for two players! Recommended for everybody!!!




checkmateCheckmate – is another built-in port of the Arcade Coin-Op title released in 1977. And again, graphics and the gameplay are even better on Astrocade! Checkmate is a Tron-like game, where you constantly move and leave unpassable trail to block off you opponents! It is a great fun for single or up to 4 players! Recommended for everybody!!!




Space_Invaders_flyer,_1978Space Invaders (later re-released as Astro Battle) – is another port of the Arcade Coin-Op superhit title. You take control of a laser cannon and try to shoot down the alien invaders before it’s too late! No suprise, the game on Astrocade looks even better than the original! Give this classic title a try and you wont be disappointed!



1280px-Bally-Arcade-ConsoleBally Astrocade is a second generation home video games console designed and released by Midway in 1977. In fact, it was released in 1977 but was only available for mail order and was properly released in 1978! Bally Astrocade was marketed only limited time before Bally decided to leave the market and the rights were picked up by Astrovision, who sold the console until 1984/1985.

Bally Astrocade is mostly known for its graphics (indeed, Bally had most powerful graphics, even compared with Atari 2600) and difficulties to write a game for the hardware. Controller/Joystick for the system is known as one of the most unique! And many would say that Bally also had a best looking home console! These days it is an expensive and hard to find rarity! A must own system for every video games fan!

Bally was released with 4 built in games (Gunfighter, Checkmate, Scribble and Calculator), and 1977 were released another 3 cartridges for the console (Football, Space Invader and 2-in-1 Seawolf/Missile). Following years we saw a release for about 50 games and some homebrew games have been made even today!

In my next post I will take a look at the best games release for the system in 1977!

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GAMES: ATARI 2600 (1977) — May 8, 2015

GAMES: ATARI 2600 (1977)

As already mentioned before, Atari 2600 was released with 9 launch titles in September 1977. Atari 2600 was miles ahead at its release, the gameplay was so much more smooth and graphics were from the future. Even the sound didn’t hurt for the first time! And here are the best games of the these nine:

2367690-a2600_combat1_auCombat – is a two player tank-battle game, where your mission is to blow up your opponent! Unfortunately this game does not offer single player option, but even though it is a great fun for two players! Recommended for everybody!





2367710-a2600_indy500_2Indy 500 – is a single or two player racing game. It doesn’t offer a single player racing mode but you can try how many laps you can drive before the time runs out! For two players this game is magnificent! A must cartridge to own for Atari 2600 console!





street_racer_color_cart_5Street Racer – is another racing game for Atari 2600. It offers you a single and two player modes, where your mission is to avoid collision and take over as many cars as possible! Big time fun even today!



50-ToyHallofFame-atari-2600-game-systemThe Atari 2600, released in September 1977, is the most famous home video games console from the second generation (arguably the best console ever released). Every person, who knows at least something about the video gaming history, knows the Atari 2600 console. Even if the Fairchild Channel F console was the first to use microprocessor-based hardware and ROM cartridges, Atari was the first to popularize it (and helped the video gaming to survive the crash).

2600 was the first of second generation consoles from Atari, so far they had only released a bunch of dedicated consoles (Pong-type machines) and some Arcade Coin-Op Machines. Atari was also one of few home console producers to survive the 1977 video gaming crash!

The game library for the console was huge, biggest we had seen in video gaming history so far – total number of games should be 519 (correct me if I am wrong). In my next post I will write about the best games released in 1977 (from the 9 launch titles of Atari 2600) and come back to other games year by year!

If you know an important fact about Atari 2600 that should be mentioned here or any of the information is wrong, please send me an email to:

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GAMES: RCA STUDIO II — May 7, 2015


RCA Studio II must be one of the worst consoles ever made! It was ages behind the other consoles even when it was released. First, it was black and white, when you could already get even a first generation consoles with colors. Secondly, the graphics sucked! It didn’t have any of basic sprites, it was still just dots moving around! And third, the gameplay was quite bad! Just like it was designed to be failure.

indexActually this is the part where I should write about games. Only game I could write anything positive was Space War. Even though the graphics is basic and it is black and white, I managed to play this game 3 times! The gameplay is basic but catchy, some ways even better than more advanced shooters at this time. This would be the only cartridge I would own on RCA Studio II.