TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-99 – had a decent year. We saw the release of many puzzle and action games, also a version of Space Invaders was released. Here are some of the titles I enjoyed most:


Hustle is a worm-like game with some differences. First of all, its a game with two players on single screen (one could be computer) able to block off each other and collect more points than opponent! Its fast paced, smooth and fun!


Car Wars
Car Wars is a port of arcades Head On. With some improvements! In this game you have to drive in circles and collect dots (like in Pac-Man), but you also have an opponent who you must avoid! It is actually the first version of this game I enjoyed, all the other ports (including the original) were not that responsive and smooth. A fun game to spend your time with!


Hunt The Wumpus
Hunt the Wumpus is a hide and seek format computer game where your mission is to stay alive – not to fall into the pits and not to get eaten by the monster. Its a different and fun game to try! Recommended to everybody!


TI Invaders
TI Invaders is another decent port of the Space Invaders! Even after so many ports of this game, its still fun to pick up and play!

APPLE II – also had a decent year! Apple II was mostly in picture with many RPG and graphical/text adventure games. Some of these games are remember for being first (or one of the first ones) of the genre. And here are the best:


Hellfire Warrior
Hellfire Warrior is a direct sequel to Temple of Apshai! An early enjoyable RPG for retro gamers! Maybe a bit aged but give it a try. Little advice would be to start from the Temple of Apshai – Hellfire Warrior is made for expert players!


Rescue at Rigel
Rescue at Rigel is a science fiction RPG, where your aim is to rescue 10 human captives in 60 minutes. Was a decent fun for the time! For nowadays the graphics and gameplay have aged! But if you were young back then you may still like it!


Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure
Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure is an early dungeons&dragons-like RPG game. It has very basic and a bit boring graphics but for the time of its release it holds up! Most of the actions take place on an island, where you need to find castle and ruins, fight with monsters and collect treasures!


Mission Asteroid
Mission Asteroid is one of the first graphical adventure games. Made by On-Line Systems (now known as Sierra Entertainment). Your aim is to get to the asteroid and blow it up! Sounds fun? It definitely is!


Voodoo Castle
Voodoo Castle is a text adventure game, where your aim is to wake up Count Cristo by moving around and solving puzzles! A fun game for text adventure fans!


Zork I: The Great Underground Adventure
Zork is an early and one of the most famous text adventure game, where can type in quite advanced text commands – not limited to two words like many other games in this genre! Game takes place in the Great Underground Empire and your aim is to get out of there alive and with treasures. A must try game for all video game fans!

ATARI 8 BIT – it was good to own an Atari 8 bit home computer in 1980. First of all, more video games were released on Atari home computers than on any other gaming device. And you could choose between very different games – from RPG-s to text adventures, strategy to arcade games. So lets have a look at the best games on Atari 8 bit home computers!

Dogbite!and Domination– these two simulation strategy games were awesome! In Dogbite you must deliver post without being bitten. You get a description of the situation and then you can choose between different options, trying to succeed! In Domination like the name says your aim is to dominate – by selling and buying goods like gold or petrol and making and army to take over!

European countries and capitals – is a knowledge based game. Your aim is to answer correctly to questions related to countries and their capitals in Europe. Somehow – lots of fun!

More thinking games. Lords of Karma and Inspector Clew-So – fun text adventure games! A must for all the text adventure game fans!

Datestones of Ryn and Morloc’s Tower – two fantastic RPG-s for the time. They are both part of Dunjonquest series. A must play for oldschool RPG-s fans!


Lunar Lander, Mountain Shoot and Roundup – these three fun action/puzzle/arcade games give a lot of quality time if you like more fast paced and action orientated games!

These were the best games on home computers in 1980!

In my next post I will write about best Arcade games in 1980!

See you soon!