I am going to split this section and write about every system separately!

And lets start with TI-99 by Texas Instruments. Gaming on TI-99 that year meant pretty much just board and card games. Releases that year included Connect Four, Yahtzee, Chess, Poker/Blackjack and others. But even so, these were pretty nice ports for the time – and for this type of games, it was much easier to play the game using keyboard (compared with joystick). After playing these games, I was not impressed – but it was a pleasant experience trying out these games!

Atari 400 also had a really basic games to offer in 1979. But they offered a little different games – they offered sports (Basketball), they offered action (Outlaw), they offered board games (Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe) and others. But even then, the only game I really enjoyed was another port of Outlaw. Maybe the future is a little brigher for Atari 8-bit systems!

Next one is Apple II. They had an advantage, they had been on the market since 1976/1977 and for some reason they chose a completely different way! They offered some revolutionary games for that time – RPG-s, Graphic Adventures and Simulators. Here I would like to name some of them:


Temple of Apshai
Temple of Apshai is considered to be one of the first graphical RPG-s for home computers. Was highly popular at its release and after that! Nowadays it is fun to try this game, just to see where it all started – unfortunately this game has aged horribly! Recommended only to die hard retro fans.


Akalabeth is another early RPG title, release a little later than previously mentioned game. To be honest, for me this game has aged even more! But you can still try if you are die hard retro gamer!

Other honorable releases on Apple II: Flight Simulator and Lemonade Stand. Lemonade Stand is a wonderful port of Lemonade Stand computer game released in 1973! This is fun and highly enjoyable even today! You start running your own business – selling lemonade. In this game you can play with numbers – you can choose how many lemonades you make, how much you want to spend on advertisement and for what price you are going to sell. There is also a different weather, so watch out – you are not going to see a lot in the rain! A must try for everybody!

Unfortunately I could not find any information about the PC-8000 by NEC. If you have a chronological list of games for the system or you have some other information to share about this computer, please send me an email: predrulez@gmail.com

So much for computer games in 1979! In my next post I will write about the best console games!

See you in my next post!