1979-700x508Lets get started with the 1979! Mostly remembered for the releases of Galaxian by Namco and Asteroids by Atari for the Arcade Cabinets. And first graphical adventure game called Adventure was released on home console (Atari 2600). For home computers the most important releases were Temple of Apshai and Akalabeth – both early graphical role-playing games, affected many role-playing titles released in coming years. Those games were really basic but it had to start somewhere!

There were not many home consoles released that year – just one and even that was only released for the test market in 1979 – Intellivision. An important home console that became the main competitor to the Atari 2600 console. Some important home computers were released – TI-99/4 by Texas Instruments, PC-8001 by NEC (the first in PC-8000 Series) and also Atari 400 (the first in Atari 8-bit series). It is also important to know that the first handheld console with changeable cartridges was released – Microvision. For handhelds the best was still to come!

But lets have a closer look, in my next posts I will write more about Intellivision console, some of the home computers and the best video games released in 1979!

Stay tuned and see you in my next posts!