1280px-VC-4000-Console-SetVC 4000 – is a home video games console released by Interton. It belongs to 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family. It is not clear if Interton built the console from the scratch or modified and redesigned the previous 1292 console. To read more about the 1292 family, please search for my previous post about 1292 console or just click on the following link: 1292 family consoles

A new beginning for the modified/rebuilt console resurrected 21 old games previously released for 1292 console (between 1976-1977) and gave birth to 19 new (most of them were just slightly modified) titles in 1978-1979. It is possible to find the list of all games what released (and re-released) for the system here:
list of vc4000 games

As already mentioned, most of the titles were just re-released or slightly modified old games. Only few completely new titles were released and none of them is worth to mention! In my next post I will write about the other games released in 1978.

See you in my next post!