Radofin_1292_bigThe 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System is a home video games console produced by Radofin in 1976 (the exact date is unavailable in the internet, but it is believed to be produced in December 1976 and then quickly licensed by many companies). In coming years we saw the release of many software-compatible consoles like: Interton VC-4000, Acetronic MPU-1000, Voltmace Database and others). There is a complete list of home consoles released in 1292 family and you can find it here: 1292 family

There is not much information about the release dates of the cartridges, but the total number of the games should be 59 (33 games released by Radofin between 1977-1978, 19 games for the Interton VC-4000 and compatibles after 1978 and 7 more games released around 1980). You can find more information here: 1292 games

In my next post I will write about games (worth to play) released for the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family around 1978 (if you know more about the exact release dates, please let me know – I couldn’t find much information).

If any of the previous information is not correct, please send me an email: predrulez@gmail.com

See you in the next post!