1280px-Magnavox-Odyssey-2-Console-SetMagnavox Odyssey 2 (known also as Philips Videopac G7000) – is a home video games console released in 1978! Not to get confused, Magnavox released the first Odyssey (which was in fact the first video games console in all time – if not to count the “brown box” prototype) in 1972 followed by series of Pong-type consoles (Odyssey series) between 1975-1977. Odyssey 2 was like a new fresh beginning, entering to the second generation!

In Europe the console was released as Philips Videopac G7000 because in 1974 Magnavox Company was acquired by Philips! Philips decided to keep the name for the United States market in the first place.

Unlike any other system at this time, Odyssey 2 included a full keyboard to be used with educational games. It also had basic joystick controllers with action button. One of the strongest sides of the console was speech synthesis unit. The weakest side of the console were its colors and graphics (but the image was sharp and clear)! Odyssey 2 lacked third-party games but sold moderately well in the United States. In Europe the system was very popular!

Total number of 11 games were released in 1978 and in my next post I will write about the best of these 11.

See you in my next post!