2a4d817cf3faafb51a1b7e70f4d08ee9-page-001Welcome to the year 1978! The year which marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Arcade video games! It brought Arcade Coin-Op Machines back to the top of video gaming market. The most important release for the Arcades was of course the Space Invaders by Taito! This worldwide video game hit brought many young and older people into the video gaming world and helped the video games industry to get through the hard times after the home consoles crash of 1977!

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Other than that, few new video game consoles were released: the release of Odyssey 2 (Philips Videopac G7000 in Europe) brought Magnavox back into the video game consoles competition. But there were also some less known consoles (what almost nobody knows) that entered the market: APF-M1000 by APF Electronics and VC 4000 by Interton (which is a part of 1292 consoles family).

In my next posts I will take closer look at the consoles and games released in 1978 and I plan to finish the year with the best games released to Apple II home computer and Arcade Coin-Op Machines!

See you in my next posts!