1977 was not the best or most exciting year for Arcades. In fact, nothing really revolutionary was released! From those few titles, here is the list of best arcade games released in 1977:


Space Wars (developed and published by Cinematronics)
An innovative (first to present vector graphics) multi-directional space shooter! Two players control different ships. One button rotated the ship left, another rotated the ship right, one engaged thrust, one fired a shell, and one entered hyperspace, which causes the ship to disappear and reappear elsewhere on the playfield at random.


Super Bug (developed and published by Atari)
Super Bug is a simple black and white driving game! The player steers a yellow Volkswagen Beetle along a multi-directionally scrolling track, avoiding the boundaries and occasional obstacle. The game ends when fuel runs out.


Boot Hill (developed and published by Midway)
Boot Hill is a classic one-one western gun fight game! Sequel to Gun Fight of 1975. Each player uses a small joystick to move their cowboy up and down the play area, while a second, much larger joystick is used to aim the pistol and shoot – this larger stick also has a trigger button.


Circus (developed and published by Exidy)
Circus is re-themed version of Breakout. The player controls a seesaw and clown in order to pop all the balloons in the level. Three rows of triangular balloons move along the top part of the screen, each overlaid with blue, green, and yellow (colors used in the original version), counting from the top row.


Canyon Bomber (developed and published by Atari)
Innovative (at the time its release) “drop a bomb into the canyon” shooting game! The player and an opponent fly a blimp or biplane over a canyon full of numbered, circular rocks, arranged in layers. The player does not control the flight of vehicles, but only presses a button to drop bombs which destroy rocks and give points.

And that’s pretty much all worth to try and play! If you know more “really really cool” titles to play from the 1977 Arcade games, please send me an email to: predrulez@gmail.com

See you in the year 1978!