As already mentioned before, Atari 2600 was released with 9 launch titles in September 1977. Atari 2600 was miles ahead at its release, the gameplay was so much more smooth and graphics were from the future. Even the sound didn’t hurt for the first time! And here are the best games of the these nine:


Combat is a two player tank-battle game, where your mission is to blow up your opponent! Unfortunately this game does not offer single player option, but even though it is a great fun for two players! Recommended for everybody!


Indy 500
Indy 500 is a single or two player racing game. It doesn’t offer a single player racing mode but you can try how many laps you can drive before the time runs out! For two players this game is magnificent! A must cartridge to own for Atari 2600 console!


Street Racer
Street Racer is another racing game for Atari 2600. It offers you a single and two player modes, where your mission is to avoid collision and take over as many cars as possible! Big time fun even today!