Unfortunately I was unable to try any of those games, but I did some research (reading, watching pictures and videos) and these are the best games released on Arcade Coin-Op Machines in 1976.

Breakout – developed and published by Atari.

Road Race (released also as Moto-Cross, Man T.T., Fonz) – developed and published by Sega. Is a racing video game that introduces pseudo-3D, forward scrolling and third-person graphics.

Death Race – released by Exidy. Is a controversial video game that got banned in many areas because of the violence! Based on film “Death Race 2000”.

Heavyweight Champ – released by Sega. Is the first video game to feature hand-to-hand fighting.

Night Driver – released by Atari. First person perspective racing game in the dark.

Speed Race Twin – released by Taito.

Please contact me, if you know how could I try any of these games (emulation, online) or if you know some games that should be listed here as the best or the most important games of that year! Email: predrulez@gmail.com

In my next post I will start with year 1977. See you in my next post!