1977Its time to jump into the 1977, the year which is mostly famous for the release of Atari 2600 and Apple II Home Computer. It was the last year of the “Bronze and Silver age” and it is also important to mention that 1977 took place “the home consoles crash of 1977”, which led to the departure of many home console producers (especially Fairchild and RCA). It is possible to read more detailed information about the crash here: home console crash of 1977

But it was not only bad year! We saw the release of some really good video gaming platforms for the future: Atari 2600 and Apple II Home Computer (as previously mentioned), but also Bally Astrocade! Also a good number of first generation consoles were released: Coleco released 6 new variations for the Telstar console and Nintendo released the Color TV Game 6 dedicated console. Atari 2600 took the lead in the home consoles market.

1977 was not spectacular for arcades: most important was the release of the Space Wars – first vector graphics arcade game! Another game I would highlight was Canyon Bomber released for the arcades by Atari!

But lets have a closer look at the games and consoles of 1977. In my next posts I will write about all the consoles mentioned before and their best games of that year.

See you in my next posts!