1280px-Fairchild-Channel-FThe Fairchild Channel F home video games console (launched as Video Entertainment System) was released by Fairchild Semiconductor in November 1976. The first of second generation was revolutionary in many ways. Most important to know, it was the first cartridge-based and also the first video games console to use a microprocessor! There is an interesting and detailed article about the birth of this console which I recommend to read for more information and that is why I am not going to rewrite it, you can easily access the article here: Fairchild

There is not much information available about the release dates of the cartridges, but it is known that the first 21 of them were released between 1976-1978 (by Fairchild) and last 5 around 1980 (after Zircon International had bought the rights to the console). There is also a homebrew Pac-Man-like game released on 2009 making the total number of known games to 27 (not including the built in games).

Around the year 1979 Zircon International bought the rights (as mentioned before) and released redesigned version of the console called: Channel F System II. Even though, Channel F was never really successful, mostly because of the Atari 2600 console released on the next year.

In my next post I will only write about Channel F games (worth to play) that were released between 1976-1978 (by Fairchild) and I will come back to the games released after 1980 (by Zircon) when the time is chronologically right.

It was really hard to find accurate information and if you find any of this information not correct, please let me know by sending me an email: predrulez@gmail.com

See you in my next post!