This blog was mainly created to play and introduce all the best video games on various gaming platforms starting from 1976. For every year I will include a short preview with information about the most important events and releases. Games will be played and introduced in chronological order and there is no deadline for catching the gaming of the present! You may ask, why 1976? there are indeed many earlier games and gaming platforms, but the reason for picking 1976 is really simple – the release of the very first modern and commercial second generation home console: Fairchild Channel F. And this was the period when video gaming really got going. The very next year was the release of Atari 2600, one of the most important home consoles of all time and of course the release of Apple II home computer, which was one of the first commercial home computers available for video gaming. As you already might have noticed from the first sentence, not all the video games will be introduced. The selection of the best games will follow two simple rules: First, the game was revolutionary or highly popular at the time of its release and secondly, the game has not aged horribly and its highly enjoyable even today. At least for the retro gamers! And it is important to mention, there is a lot of information available these days and it is nearly impossible to know all the games, gaming platforms and facts. The purpose of this website will be not just providing the information – its collecting information, sharing information and learning on the way! Therefore it must be said: If any of the information on this blog is not correct or some of the very important facts are missing – an important gaming platform or a must play video game of any of those periods, please let me know by sending an email to! The best way to provide some good and valuable information is working together!

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